art and craft show adventure

The art and craft show has been and gone, and a learning experience it was for my first time. I took along three different items to sell: textile postcards, that could be used both for any occasion and for Christmas cards

mini quilted art pieces

and little wall hanging quilts.

This is my stall that was in a great position in the hall, right in the middle so I could observe people coming and going. It was interesting to see what caught people’s eyes, what types of things they were looking for, which items they picked up and looked at closely and which items they put back and left behind. Thankyou to all my lovely customers!

It was a little intimidating setting up my table while surrounded by stall-holders who obviously had done it many times before, and had a lot more stock than I did!

As I didn’t make a huge amount of sales, how much stock I had wasn’t a problem! but trying to guess that ahead of time was probably the main thing I worried about leading up to the show.

It was fun though, and got my name out there in connection with my quilting business- I also had some larger quilts there for display. Lots of lovely comments, as well, on my pieces and appreciation of the work involved in creating them.
Isn’t this one cute?!

3 thoughts on “art and craft show adventure

  1. Congratulations Karen, your stand looked fantastic, and your postcards and mini art quilts were just gorgeous! Well done for putting yourself out there, I think this is only the start for you. Your work is so lovely And detailed and modern, and will surely sell well.

  2. love the postcards, fabulously creative!!! It’s a beginning, and with every exhibition, you will learn more :-) Here is to many more and lots of success! congrats for having the courage to follow your dream.

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