entering a bloggers quilt festival

There is a Bloggers Quilt Festival on where you post about a quilt that has recently been finished, and link up to the site. I thought I would enter this quilt, which I called ‘Springtime.’

This quilt is one that I made up completely on my own, and it is made in bright clear colours which make it oh-so-up-to-date with the modern quilting trend!

It has a special place in my heart because it started out an ugly duckling

got chopped up into a new variation but was still not liked

until I hit on the idea of (chopping once again) and adding white strips to it.

Auditioning for borders

It was originally a layer cake of Woodland Bloom by Moda, but also has other bright spring-like fabrics thrown in.
The finishing touch was the quilting I did on my long-arm- each strip of the quilt-top had writing on it and included names of family members and place names of special meaning.

I gave this quilt to my aunt and uncle and they and their family all enjoyed hunting for their name!

Quilt measures- single bed size
Techniques used: strip piecing, improv piecing
Quilted by myself
Categories: Bed quilt, Professionally quilted

6 thoughts on “entering a bloggers quilt festival

  1. Such a fun quilt! I love that you were able to take those blocks and find a way to make them work for you. And the quilting is just plain cool!

  2. Hi Karen, What a fantastic finish to something that started out so different. I looks gorgeous. Your method reminded me of Rayna Gillman, have you come across her at all? She is a great advocate of ‘slicing and dicing’ orphan blocks. You’ve done it so well:)

  3. Love it Karen!!! Lovely and fresh and clean looking and yes, very modern! I actually did some projects for Handmade using the Woodland fabrics as well. Nice range.

  4. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! And you succeeded. This ultimately turned out beautiful. And good for you for turning something you weren’t happy with into something so lovely!

  5. Too fun. An ugly duckling cut up! I have been there so many times, but never actually done it. With results like this, I’m guessing I will be less hesitant, next time. Thanks for sharing!!

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