More in Adelaide…

One of the workshops I went to at the Machine Quilting Festival was with an American quilter Myrna Ficken. She was very friendly and personable, and like all that I saw, very knowledgeable about all matters related to quilting as well as generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. The workshop was about filling spaces with quilting: creating spaces where there weren’t any to begin with and creating freehand designs to fill those up. This is one of her quilts she had on display to demonstrate her style of quilting:

Myrna Ficken

and another:

Myrna Ficken

She showed how she can take a relatively straight-forward style of quilt and add in a whole other element to it by a creative use of quilting. This little sample shows a clever design to put into a large open area:

Myrna Ficken

There was lots to see and lots of inspiration!
While in Adelaide, we visited my cousin’s teddy bear shop, which is in the Regent Arcade in the city.

and I love this big bear with his sign out the front:

So, while I was there I couldn’t resist this sailor bear, seeing as I have a son in the Navy:

Isn’t he cute?!

My Adelaide trip

I’ve just got back from the Australian Machine Quilting Festival, which was held in Adelaide. The Festival was oriented towards machine quilters, both longarms and domestic machines. It was held over 5 days, today may be the last day but we came home yesterday. My sister came with me and we had a really great time, made even better by staying with our lovely aunt and uncle. They looked after us very well, even maybe spoilt us a little!
The highlight was a day long seminar on Friday given by Ricky Tims; in the photo on Ricky’s website we were sitting up towards the back . Even though it was a big theatre we could still see and hear clearly. He is an entertaining speaker, and like all of the presenters over the weekend very personable and welcoming, and very generous with the information and knowledge that they pass on.
Here are a couple of photos we took of his quilts:

Ricky Tims: Bohemian Rhapsody

Ricky Tims: Convergence Quilt

This photo shows a small quilt he had there displaying his Caveman style of quilting:

Ricky Tims

and this shows the back of that quilt- fantastic in its own right. I took the photo mainly to show the free-style quilting:

Ricky Tims

And this is my sister in front of the Rhapsody quilt:

Right now, I have unpacking to do and lots to digest from the workshops we went to and the sights we saw. I’ll hopefully put some more photos here over the next few days.