a few photos

One thing, among many, that having a blog does for you is awaken an interest in photos. The internet is a powerful visual medium, and a blog post is always better with lots of pictures. There is an online photo challenge called ‘photo a day’, run from the blog Fat Mum Slim (fatmumslim.com.au ). A list of daily prompts is released for each month, challenging you to take a photo each day and post it either on a Flickr site, or on a blog, or using Instagram on your i-phone.
While I don’t actually do it every day, it is fun to do if you love photography and looking at lovely photos. If you happen to have Instagram- it’s a free app- my username on that is haleydog123 so you can check out the photos I share ( that is, when I remember to do it!) Instagram has some great features- you can give different effects by applying filters, and it will automatically share the photo with your Flickr site or Facebook, if you want it to.
Here are some recent photos I’ve taken:

October 5: shadow

October 11: something close up

October 17: fruit

October 26: something I’m listening to- the night-time

I’m obviously not an expert photo-taker ! but it is fun to take the photos and to come up with a photo that embodies the theme for the day, even if it only means something to you!