quilty reading

I tool part in a survey last night which was researching the changing patterns in readership of printed newspapers and magazines. I love reading and read a lot of magazines, books and newspapers.

I have brought up my three children to also have a love of reading, and they always know that at least one of their Christmas presents will be a book. We have books and magazines all over our house.
and while I know that e-books and online reading is a big growth area, I personally don’t see my preference for printed copy ever changing. I also read a lot online, from blogs and websites and the occasional e-magazine, but I will always choose a printed version first. There’s something about holding a new magazine or book in my hands and looking through the pages of coloured photos, reading and pondering over the printed words for inspiration. I buy a lot of quilting magazines through subscriptions, both Australian and overseas, which helps to save on the costs.
I also buy a lot of quilting and craft-related books, and while I have to admit that I haven’t made something out of all of them, I’m sure I will some day! I’m in the middle of making this quilt, which is from a Kaffe Fassett book:

I guess we all make choices over what we spend our money on. I used to also buy general interest magazines, but stopped buying them some years ago when I decided that I’d rather use my limited funds on a quilting magazine which I can keep and return to many times. I still catch up occasionally on the weekly magazines, either through some that are passed on to me, or by borrowing them from the Library. Our local libraries do a great job and deserve our support.
There is a local second-hand book sale in Gatton at the moment by the local Blue Care organisation. I got this pile of books yesterday for only $10- a bargain mix of titles for myself and other family members.
So many books and so little time to read!