colour play

A style of quilting that I really love is that made popular by Gwen Marston – liberated quilting, where wonkiness is in, where points don’t have to meet exactly in the middle of the block, or the log cabin strips don’t have to be all the same width and at the same angle. To have a break from whatever project I might be working on, I have in the past made some liberated house blocks and liberated stars. I put these away in a tin and have been slowly building up the numbers. One day I’ll put them all together to make a quilt top. But then the other day I got to thinking that I might make a little mini quilt with some of these ‘ready-made’ blocks.
I pulled out this house to use as a starter:

and then also these stars

When I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night I went through my stash to look for some other fabrics to put with them and found these:

The colours all look okay with the blocks don’t they? But… something wasn’t quite right. I left them on the floor for a couple of days, stepping around them, hovering over them, scratching my head trying to work out why I couldn’t commit to the choice. I finally realised what wasn’t working – while all the colours looked good together, there was no variation in the value of the colours. They were all medium-toned, there was no dark or light to give some variation.
So, I took some away and added others, with some darks and lights added in. While still a work in progress, I’m liking it better.

It was an interesting exercise, as it brought home to me again, that choosing the fabrics for a quilt is not always an easy thing, and no matter how many times you might do it, each time is a new time and you have to keep working at it!
Another display of colour: roses from our garden today show these bright coloured beauties, including the yellow bloom with red-tinted petals (the Peace rose).

This next bunch are from a different rose bed in a different part of the garden, also containing a Peace rose, but oh so more delicate. A different bush and different soil with varied results.

And this little cutie- a double bloomed rose.
And, accidentally I stumbled upon this really cool effect that you can create with photos; its called embossing, and this is the first photo of the roses above:

I wonder how I can utilise that…….