Fractured art quilt pictures

The art quilt group of my local quilt group has been working on these fractured pictures all this year, as posted about previously here.
Re-creating a picture or photo in fibre or textiles can take a lot of thought and effort, and many members initially felt a little unsure as to how to approach each month’s task. After this month’s recent meeting I was reflecting on how far each of us has grown in our art quilting progress.
Many of us, probably of all of us, were originally more of a traditional quilter in the quilts we made, but these monthly challenges have stretched us; it’s been great to see some ladies, who may still not call themselves an art quilter, continue to ‘play’ and try out different techniques and try out ‘what if’ scenarios.
This month, we had pieces of two different pictures to re-create. These will be the last for this year, and once everyone has finished their pieces we will allocate one picture to each person to then assemble. We are planning to put a thin black border around each piece when joining it to the others and the plan is to at least get the top assembled to show at our Christmas meeting.
This is my first picture for this month: it was part of a scene of a lake with a frozen ice top. That in itself took lots of playing and experimenting! I ended up using a mustard-coloured fabric for the base, a little shading with a black Inktense coloured pencil and then free-hand stitching on top with silver thread. (Picture on the left, my re-creation on the right)

The bush and trees were done by first felting some dark green crocheted wool and then some grey yarn for the tree trunks. Lots of stitching on top helped to give the look of the sinewy undergrowth.
This next picture was part of a night lights scene. I used check fabric to simulate the buildings and hand-dyed multi-coloured fabric for the water. Once again Inktense pencils were used, this time to give the shadows on the water. Stitching with silver thread was used for the ropes strung over the water.

The photos below were of Margaret’s pictures, one of which is another segment of the nightlights picture (not quite finished) – check out the fine silver chain or thread (?) she used for the rope- very effective!

This one of Lyn’s is part of a balloon picture:

One of the other pictures is a map of Australia, so each person in this group was given a state to recreate. I only have a few here, and even though Tasmania doesn’t show on the picture, we have included it!

Jan (L) & Shirley (R) -recreation in top left, picture in top right; map picture on left, Meryl (WA) and Lyn (NT and SA)

And another of Meryl’s:

Looking good!