A new venture….

I quilted this quilt on my long-arm machine recently,for Trudy:

she used a lovely collection of fabrics in the body of the quilt, set off really well with the striped border. I love stripes! they fit in almost everywhere.

I quilted an all-over design in a pink-coloured thread.

In addition to that I have also been making lots of small pieces of quilt art. I’ve decided to take a stall at an upcoming local craft fair, the Christmas in the Country Art and Craft Fair, held every year here in Gatton. I feel like I’m jumping in at the deep end as this is not something I’ve done before, but thought it might be good to get some exposure and get my name out there. Just the thought of it is very scary! and especially as it was a late decision means I am on a tight schedule to get enough items made for sale.
One of the things I might have for sale is a number of small quilts, as in wall-hanging size or little “quiltlets” – I love that word: quiltlet, reminds me of piglets?!
Anyway, I happened to be reading the ‘Modern Quilting’ magazine last night and saw this pattern for a simple little quilt.

Its simplicity and clean lines appealed to me, so today I set to making it. I first had to pull some fabrics from my stash, and this is what I decided on:

It is basically just a series of little squares, including 9-patch and 4-patch, but because I wanted to use a variety of different fabrics for the little squares, I couldn’t employ a time-saving method of cutting strips of fabric, sewing them together then cross-cutting. I cut out the little squares individually and sewed them together into their blocks. Lots of chain-piecing.

I also increased the size a little to make a wall hanging size, as the original pattern was for a large block only 11 inches square. While I was sewing, I had lots of thoughts about how this simple quilt was a good lesson in re-enforcing those basic rules we learn with quilting, plus our our own we pick up along the way:
-sewing just a thread less than a quarter inch seam to allow for when the seam is pressed back;
-the importance of pressing the seams open in alternate directions so they will nestle in together when sewing pieced strips together;
-when you are not sure about the addition of a particular fabric into the mix, include it in more than once so the eye is drawn around the quilt;
-when sewing strips together that are themselves made up of lots of pieces, try to make it so that you sew along with the seam allowance facing the foot on the top strip which will help to nestle the seam in to that on the underneath piece;
-and getting into a routine of piecing small patches together in a certain order so that you don’t get mixed up over which pieces go in which block!
So far, it’s looking good!

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