Converging ideas

My interest in the technique of creating ‘Convergent quilts’ was rekindled after my recent trip to the quilt festival. This technique was devised by Ricky Tims some years ago now, and I loved the effect you can achieve with a short period of time and effort. This quilt that I also showed in another post is one of Ricky’s that he displayed at the festival:

Ricky Tims: Convergence Quilt

There are lots of variations, but you can basically start with just one piece of fabric that is multi-coloured, such as a hand-dyed, cut it into strips, re-arrange the strips and sew them back together again. I made this little quilt about 7 or 8 years ago and had it hanging in my office at work until earlier this year as a bright colourful addition to the walls.

From using one piece of fabric, you can move on to using a selection of fabrics, use the resulting pieced fabric as a background for applique, vary the look with different border treatments; the list is endless. I used the book ‘Ricky Tims’ Convergence Quilts’ published by C&T Publishing (2003), which has lots of lovely eye candy.
When I got home last week I had a play using the technique with a random selection of fabric scraps. I used fabric which I didn’t particularly like or thought I would ever use, thinking my feelings toward them would change! This is the result:

I don’t think it has turned out all that well? or maybe what I think is ugly fabric is another’s beauty. Maybe it could be used as the base for something else, e.g. applique something on top, or even cut it up and incorporate into another project. I’ll keep it in mind for now.

I have also been playing with a needle felting machine, just experimenting with wool scraps, ribbons, threads and bits and pieces to produce this:

Still more can be done to it and I’ll also add lots of free-hand stitching on top with coloured and shiny threads. Lots of possibilities beckon.