5 inspirations for quilt designs

I got to thinking the other day- which is dangerous I know- about the myriad of ways people come up with inspiration for their quilt designs. I happened to be playing one of the games you can get with electronic devices these days- I blame my kids for introducing me to Tetris. For some reason I like the symmetry of it and the way the blocks all fit together; just like when people-watching I’m interested in why people choose certain seats at the movies or where they park their car in a large carpark and the patterns that are created. I know, weird? So, time for another list of 5 things…..

1. Anyway, while {procrastinating} playing Tetris, I wondered not for the first time why someone hadn’t designed a tetris-inspired quilt. After all, I’ve seen sudoku quilts. But silly me, of course someone has as I stumbled across the following website which has a Tetris Quiltalong.
2. I saw a Sudoku-inspired quilt a year or two ago at a quilt show but I can’t remember who would have made that, but I did find this one online from Lola Pink fabrics So, basically you use the same premiss of having squares of fabric that aren’t ever repeated in the same block or on the same horizontal or vertical line.
3. Backgammon quilt: this is from my old favourite Kaffe Fassett, the pattern for which is in his book “Simple Shapes, Spectaculer Quilts”.
4. This next quilt is also fantastic:
Tokyo Subway Map quilt
(from Elizabeth Fransson). There were quite a few people who made this as there were lots of images on blogs over the last year or two. I think there might have been variations like maps from other cities or train routes etc.

5. Quilts made from maps of cities. Check out these beautiful quilt maps: which are mainly whole-cloth quilts.
There are so many to be found, this is just skimming the surface! Lovely eye-candy. And to finish off, have a look at this little fellow hidden in the fern, the photo is not the clearest but hopefully you can see him.

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  1. oh I was once addicted to tetris and they had it on the plane when I was flying…I couldn’t put it down when we came to land and got told off by a stewardess!!! Love the quilt with the circles…dots….

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