Accounting for tastes

I made a yummy cake yesterday, just because I felt like it and hadn’t made one in awhile. As the last baking I did involved chocolate fudge brownies mainly for my son, I thought this time I would choose something more along my tastes, which often involve fruit-flavoured cakes like lemon, orange, apple etc. So I made an orange poppyseed cake with orange-flavoured icing.

It was so nice and I just loved it. However my 14 year-old son wasn’t overjoyed by it- in his world the only good cake is a chocolate cake! There was no way I could convince him that it was a good cake. It got me to thinking on the variety of tastes and preferences we all have, sometimes with no way of explaining why we like something.
An example is colour combinations. I love the combination of blues, browns and creams together.

I don’t know why, and while that has been a fairly common colour combo in the last year or two, I still think that I would like it even if it wasn’t seen around a lot in fabric and designs. Yeah, I’m sure I would.

This fabric below (Kaffe Fassett) is one I’ve been using in some applique blocks.

I’ve liked it so much I went and bought some more to make sure I don’t run out! Once again, putting into words what I like about it – don’t know. Spots are always handy though.
Another combination I like is green and purple – the real gem brights, like this Phillip Jacob print below.

Generally, any combinations of blues, greens and purples also make me happy. Have you thought about your favourite combinations?

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  1. I personally really enjoy the combination of purple and orange, I find it bright, fun and a little bit different!

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