A new bag

I recently made a shoulder bag for my daughter.

She wanted a bag to use when going to classes at Uni and we had picked some fabric up in a sale earlier in the year. It just took a few months to work its way to the top of the list so it did get made in time for the start of second semester!

She wanted a bag that was big enough to fit books in but not too big that it would be heavy when full, easy enough to open wide enough to put said books in, had straps long enough to sling over the shoulders but not too long that it swamped her {she’s only short :)) }. We looked through lots of magazines and bag patterns that I already had at home and finally agreed on this pattern by Valori Wells.

The pattern included some fabric painting but we just used patterned fabric we had bought for the outside and the lining plus some other matching scrap pieces for the patches front and back. I also adjusted the size of the side gusset to make it a little ‘skinnier’.

We found it in the Winter 2010-2011 edition of IQF Quilt Scene magazine.

This is an annual magazine published for the International Quilt Festival in Houston each year. While I have never been to the festival, but would love to one day, this magazine includes beautiful photographs of quilts on display as well as lots of projects so I think it is quite worthwhile. It’s published by the same company responsible for Quilting Arts, my most favourite magazine of all!

2 thoughts on “A new bag

  1. Just found your site when searching the web for a Spider Web quilt block tute (LOVE the black background spiderweb quilt on your design board)!!! Anyway, I love the bag you’ve made, too – especially that bit of fabric with all the trees on it… is that available everywhere, or only in Australia? Oh, hi from Tennessee in USA! :)

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