Some long-arm quilting

I’ve been busy machine quilting for a client. The quilt has a lovely play on colour and was made with her son in mind. It therefore needed to be masculine in colour and design, and the quilting also had to reflect that. I quilted it free-hand in a geometrical pattern of straight and diagonal lines.

The continuous-line quilting was done without any marking and formed squared spiral and mechanical-looking shapes. The large central area of the quilt was quilted more densely in a smaller-scale design using a variegated thread in browns and golds, and with the borders I utilised the same basic design only on a larger more open scale with a variegated blue and green thread.

B used a jelly roll to make the quilt and it really has some lovely colours in it.

I think we were both happy with how it turned out!
(more photos on the “Quilts I’ve quilted” page.)

One thought on “Some long-arm quilting

  1. Karen this is looking so good! You’ve done such a good job yet again, and it really does look masculine

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