5 things….. on a Sunday afternoon

I generally like to people-watch; I look at people walking by and wonder what decisions they made to choose the clothes they are wearing that day, or wonder at the relationships between people in a group or just wonder what life has dealt to them that day. I expecially like it when I see someone reading a book, particularly children, as it reinforces the thought that books and reading are not dead! When I’m at the beach, sitting on the sand with a book in my hands I play a game to see who is reading and what book they have chosen to read. I also like it when I am out and about to see the variety of ways people choose to spend their Sunday afternoons. For some reason, it gladdens my heart to see people taking part in activities, which of course means they aren’t sitting inside in front of a screen.

I went for a drive yesterday to visit my sister, and came up with these five things that a person can do on their Sunday afternoon:
* a girl riding her horse around a paddock, weaving in and out, trotting, cantering, both of them with a smile on their face
* a bewhiskered grandpa sitting on a seat outside the local shop sharing an icecream with a baby in a stroller
* people out in their gardens, tending to their roses and mowing the lawn
* taking the time to do some sewing, or perhaps knitting, or perhaps snoozing on the verandah while enjoying some afternoon tea
* walking or running in the late afternoon sunshine; old, young, middle-aged, with or without dogs

I’m sure there’s probably a lot more you can think of; ain’t Sundays grand? (as long as you don’t have to work like my husband does!)