Lots done

I had a lovely day today. You know, when sometimes you get to the end of a day and things just seem to have gone okay for everyone. I started back in a fitness class after having a break for about a month, and I think it’s true what they say about the feel good factor after doing some exercise. The only problem being the early start- having to get up at 6am is a bit hard! especially after snuggling in a bit later on these cold winter mornings in recent weeks.
This week I have had a couple of sewing sessions with some friends on a quilt that we are making for the first grand-baby for J. She is very excited about the soon-to-be addition to the family. We had 6 contributors make a block each and the task this week was to sew them together into the quilt top. We each had a piece of fabric that had a sea –theme happening and could use it any way we wished. This is my block:

The two sewing sessions we had this week got the blocks all trimmed up, some with borders to make up to the same size, and sashing strips cut. The blocks were arranged and re-arranged until we were happy with the look and then sewn together with borders all around.
This is the quilt top at end-of-play today, being held up by the grandma-to-be:

Next week I will be quilting it and then adding the binding, so it will be finished for the grandparents to take when they visit the new baby next month.
I’ve also been quilting a quilt on the long-arm machine for a client and made progress on that as well, and had play-time with the puppy outside on this beautiful day. It’s all good.

4 thoughts on “Lots done

  1. This will make a gorgeous baby quilt! It was very clever and effective how you made the section of the fabric with the whale on it a feature of your block.

  2. I think it’s a lovely idea that all these friends are contributing to a quilt for a newborn. What a great way to welcome someone to the world.

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