Progress report

I had a sewing day yesterday where I did some more work on my New York Beauty blocks. As I mentioned back here, I have been working on NYB blocks of different sizes and designs, using a method taught by Jan Phillips. My latest finished block is this one (sorry it doesn’t appear to be pressed):

I love little pops of colour amongst black and white! This next photo is just the start on an arc for the next block:

It utilises the technique of pre-sewn seams. If you look at the right-hand side at the first little seam between the green and the black points- that is from a piece of fabric first prepared sewing a strip of black and a strip of green together. That newly created strip is then used by placing its seam along that line on the foundation paper, and essentially using it as a piece of fabric in its own right. Hard to describe in words, and tricky to get right without lots of fiddling- well, for me anyway!
Another technique that I have been practising is sewing curves. Everyone seems to have second-thoughts when faced with fitting curves together and we generally use lots of pins and crossing our fingers. Some people also have one of those special feet developed to make curve-sewing a breeze, but as I don’t have one I have been practising and working out an effective way for me. I’m not there yet. I had read somewhere that some people can sew a curve, i.e. a concave curve to a convex curve, without pins by just holding the two pieces together ensuring the edges always line up together as they go under the presser foot. So I had a few trys at that- this is a rectangular curve so it is an irregular-shaped curve but still the same principle:

It’s not perfect by any means as you can see in the photo where the two ends aren’t exactly meeting but I can see some progress each time I try it. I think it would be easier with a presser foot that doesn’t have a big ‘footprint’, so to speak, so you can manipulate the fabric. As I’m always telling my children practise makes perfect so I’ll just keep trying.