Home-designed design wall

I’m a happy little vegemite now that I have a design wall in my studio. I’ve been tossing ideas around for ages trying to work out how to put one up in my room- a room that doesn’t have any large expanse of spare wall.You know how handy it would be to have a design wall- where you can try out varying combinations of blocks for a quilt, look at different fabrics to see how they will ‘play’ with each other, and not to have to use the floor which I have been using until now. Besides the knees and the back getting a little tired of it, having everything arranged on the floor can just flat out be a nuisance and in everyone’s way!
The dilemma has always been where to put it, let alone how to make it. In these pictures of my studio you can see how I have things up on all the walls, whether it be built-in shelves, cupboards, benches or windows. The long-arm quilter necessitated having a lovely long room so the overall size is perfect.

You can see in this shot a quilt folded over the roller bar of the quilter. I have just taken it off the long-arm and am about to add the binding. I’ll show photos of that when it is finished.
This end is my reading corner- everyone’s favourite chair in the house for reading, in my case mainly quilting books and magazines. This is where I sit to have a coffee or sometimes lunch, and the chair is old and comfy.

So, back to the design wall. My husband put up a rail across the top of cupboard doors. I first tried just hanging some flannel from that but it wasn’t successful. The wall that runs perpendicular to the cupboards has a large sliding glass door with a roll-down blind. I did consider whether we could somehow utilise that, perhaps by adding flannel to the blind, but that didn’t work either as it wasn’t solid enough when pressing the pieces on. So John got two large pieces of board and cut holes out of the top to enable us to slip the board up inside the rail.

Of course, it means that I can’t get into the cupboard at the same time, but the boards are easy to slide down and out when not in use. There are two separate boards that fit flush next to each other when one isn’t wide enough.

We then got an old flannel sheet and stapled it all around the board just as a trial- but it works so well I’ll probably just leave it there. I just need to get another piece to cover the second board.

I tried it out with some blocks for the spiderweb quilt {which aren’t really spiderwebs- I’ll have to think of a new name} that I’ve been experimenting with, as mentionerd last week. They are coming along really well too!