A busy weekend for all

We’ve had a weekend full of sport-related activities so not a lot of sewing! On Saturday I took my son to a soccer match in Toowoomba. It was a very cold day with the wind never letting up. I’m sure it was also cold on the field, but for us supporters jackets and beanies and gloves were the order of the day. We also took our puppie, Hayley, with us for the trip but while we were at soccer she had a ‘puppy play date’ with my niece’s dog Molly. Molly is a 2 year-old labrador who loves to play and run but often doesn’t have another dog to play with, while our Haley is the same, so this was the perfect opportunity for them to get together.

Haley is the bigger of our two dogs- the older dog is a chihuahua, so it was good to see Hayley on the backfoot for a change- to be the smaller one and to fit in with the doggie heirarchy. Hayley is a very energetic pup and will take whatever chance she can to play with the kids.

It was so cute because that night both Hayley and Molly were so exhausted from running around the yard the whole afternoon chasing each other, that they both slept soundly the whole night! Just like children- tire them out for a good night’s sleep!