Beauty in the eye

I got a fantastic surprise recently when I heard I had won a competition. I can’t remember the last time I won anything! Sarah Fielke from The Last Piece had a giveaway of the book “The Shape Workshop for Quilters” and announced on her blog that I had won. Yay!
I just received the book this week in the mail. It’s a lovely book to read through with some great block ideas to try out.

To enter the competition we had to submit a comment about which was our favourite block to make. My favourite block has always been the New York Beauty block. I used it for the centre of this quilt some years ago:

This was a wonky NYB from a Valori Wells pattern. I tend to like wonky, asymmetrical, off-kilter, lop-sided raw-edge type things!

I have also more recently been making some NYB blocks using a pattern by Jan Phillips from Quilt Therapy. Jan’s quilt is called “What a Beauty” and I started this in a workshop with Jan. This is one of the blocks I’ve made so far:

I am making my blocks in black and white prints with dashes of colour here and there.

I have so far been making blocks from the pattern but am tempted to try and draw up some of my own. Jan has created a template that enables you to construct your own design of block, putting in arcs and spikes in lots of different combinations. It’s a little daunting but might also be fun.

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