Wool and stitching with Sue Spargo

I have just had a great weekend in a workshop with Sue Spargo, who does wonderful folk art wool quilts. She came to Toowoomba for the 2 day workshop, which was organised by Lisa at the Precious Time quilt shop. Sue is a great teacher, taking time to show us how she produces her pieces, her techniques and patiently showing us the stitches she uses to stitch down pieces of wool, fabric, ribbons and thread to create a picture. She also had lots of her own works there so we could have a good look at them. Below is one of her quilts,

but you can also go to her own website and have a look at her work. You can’t get enough just to take a quick look- every time your eyes catch them you notice something different- they are a real feast for your eyes!
In the workshop we were working on a small project which was a vase of flowers. This is Sue’s own version:

The main purpose of the workshop for me was to learn the techniques and the stitches and to get inspiration – I wasn’t necessarily wanting to get a finished wall-hanging out of it. Even though all of us were doing that same project every single one of us has produced a different piece through our choice of wools, the shapes and arrangements of the flowers, the colours we used, the threads and embellishments, and the stitches we used.
This is mine in the early stages:

Sue let us try different threads on our work to see the effects that could be achieved, and we were encouraged to look through our fabric scraps to add whatever we liked, e.g. velvet and silk pieces.
At the end of the workshop, this is what my piece now looks like:

Still lots to go, but I really enjoyed the workshop and am eager to keep stitching with wool- and to me that is a sign of time well spent!