Our Art Group picture

This month, one of the fractured pictures that our Art Group worked on was of a an old shed in a typical Australian setting. Once again, the picture was split up into 6 pieces and each person had to recreate their slice of the picture. Each person working on the piece can interpret it how they wish; any techniques can be used and any materials and tools utilised. The only guidelines are that each piece has to fit within the size limits of each slice and where an element of the picture would appear to continue into the next slice, that the line is correct and will match up, e.g. a tree branch or a roofline. Below is a photo of the picture we used:

And here are our interpretations (some pieces weren’t entirely finished when the photo was taken):

This was worked on by (l to r): Alison, Jan K, Shirley, me, Lyn and Margaret.

OUr intention is to join all the pieces up with a thin slice of black between each piece, to make a completed quilted art piece. At the end of the year we hope to have one completed piece for each person involved in the project. As there are 12 people contributing, we are doing two pictures each month to make sure no-one misses out! So far we have done outdoor scenes or landscapes, but we are trying a few different looks for the next few.
It’s been great fun to do but has also served the purpose to get us thinking about line and texture, about colour and value and made us experiment with different techniques that we might have previously only dabbled in.