As luck would have it…

On a recent shopping trip to Toowoomba, I visited a lovely tea shop called ‘The Tea Centre’. It is a shop filled with lots of tea-related goodies like teapots and cups and saucers- of course- but also anything related to that time-honoured habit of tea making like tea-bag holders, strainers and teaspoons galore. The best part was the huge selection of teas to choose from. I had gone in to replenish my supply of peppermint tea, which I love to have with breakfast each morning. But, I also decided to try another tea, and on the recommendation of the shop owner came away with some tea called Stockholm blend. This tea just smells so beautiful! that you can’t resist it.

It has a blend of black tea leaves, orange peel, safflowers, calendula blossoms, rose petals, vanilla and apricot. You can see all the little bits in the tea and it just looks so pretty too! So I decided I would try to do some tea-dyeing with it to see whether those little bits of colour would show on the cloth. (I know- a little naive, but you never know?) I just did it the same way as basic tea dyeing on quilters muslin, lazily thinking I might be lucky for that to work. This is my attempt, which as you can see basically just looks like a ‘normal’ tea-dyed piece. I can see I will have to experiment a little further!

Then as luck would have it, yesterday I bought the latest edition of the Textiles magazine, which actually has an article in there by Trace Willans on dyeing with natural ingredients. Just what I needed!