Spiderweb quilt

I mentioned last week about a new idea I had for a quilt. It is based on a spiderweb quilt that I saw online at Quiltville, only I am making it slightly differently.

The spiderweb quilt is made up of square blocks, each made from 4 triangles joined together. Each of those individual triangles has a kite-shaped piece in the centre and the two outer ‘wings’ are made from scrappy strips.

Instead of starting with strips and adding them to a foundation to build up the triangles in the blocks, I am using some strip-pieced blocks I had already made. I had already cut the blocks at 8.5″ square so my idea is to cut the triangles out of these blocks and then add them to the a kite-shaped piece for the centre.

By doing this I would certainly have some wastage from the strip-pieced blocks- the most I can cut from each block is 3 triangles. However, I will keep the bits that are left over after cutting out the triangles as they could come in handy for another project down the track.
Today I spent some time auditioning fabric to use for the centre kites. I started with a red spot.

I also tried a solid colour- or nearly solid: this was a mottled orange, but I mainly wanted to see how a non-print fabric would look with it. The colour could have been a red or whatever.

I also tried a black and white print, and this really appealed to me.

I thought maybe something like this but with not quite so much white would be ideal, so went looking for a black and white pin spot. This is my favourite.

I’m happy with this, so even though I did actually like all of the fabrics I trialled, I think the b&w spot is the winner!

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  1. Karen those fabrics are all gorgeous! My personal favorite is the orange one for the triangles. Ps don’t you hate how the spell check on this changed the spelling of favorite?

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