You know it’s winter when…

We usually have pretty mild winters here in South East Queensland, on average you would say we have about 3 months of colder weather and 9 months of hot weather. Winter this year has been a lot colder than most, and while I used to be a person who hated the cold, I’ve found in recent years I don’t mind it nearly so much. Winter brings with it some beautiful bonuses, such as being able to put on snuggly jumpers, cuddle up with a warm quilt and retreat to your home and close the doors and windows to create your own little family haven.
While we are well into winter at this stage, I was thinking to myself that there are a few things that really bring it home to us that yes, we know it’s winter, such as:
1. The roses are pruned
I’ve shown pictures of my beautiful roses before; today you wouldn’t recognise them because they’ve had their yearly prune.

Some have already got new growth on them, as if to say ‘You can’t keep us down!

2. There is a pile of winter clothes that need their hems taken up

Everything I buy for myself or my daughter usually has to have the hems taken up. We’re only about 5’2″ or thereabouts, so nothing is the right length for us, not even the ‘Short’ length jeans in Target. I think it’s funny how {taller} friends have looked at us with looks of incomprehension- they’ve never had to adjust the length on anything! But as I hate taking up hems or any sort of mending, the jobs pile up a little until I make a point of putting time aside to do them- I think the day has come. After all, before we know it winter will be finished and then they will have to wait in the wardrobe until next year!

3. The Ugg boots come out of hiding My feet are the first part of me to feel the cold, so once we are home at night the shoes get changed for the soft warmness of the Ugg boots! Yay!

4. You would rather stay in bed in the morning than get up and put your feet on that cold bathroom floor. Plus the teenagers of the house don’t make themselves known until mid-morning at least. But wait… that could also be autumn, maybe spring- scratch that, they sleep in all year long.

5. And best of all, you know its winter when the Sunday night meal is home-made soup and scones! Last week my husband made his special bacon bones, ham hock and vegetable soup- it was so yummy and best of all, there was enough left over for me to have it for lunch all during the week. I love winter for that alone :)