Wall hanging on show

I mentioned in a previous post that I would show some more of the works I put in our local quilt exhibition. This one is a small wall hanging that I made last year as a response to all of the media reports and photos that came out about the Queensland Floods in January 2011.

This quilt is titled “In Flood”. A lot of photos we saw were of the many Brisbane suburbs which went under water: streets and streets of people’s homes and gardens, sheds and businesses. The water rose so high that often the only thing that the photos taken from helicopters or planes showed were the tops of those houses just popping up from the water. My quilt is a representation of one of the many suburbs, showing the roofs surroundered by swirling muddy water.

They were harrowing times for all affected by the floods. The area in which I live was lucky to be spared but only a few short kilometres from my home other houses were engulfed with water and people lost their lives. It was an event we hope will never happen again.

2 thoughts on “Wall hanging on show

  1. yes, that’s a time we all won’t forget that easily…. love the way how you create quilts with a story Karen!

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