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If I was to tell you about a day in the life of what could I tell you? Each of my days is filled with things that I choose to do, as against things I have to do now that I no longer go out to work in a paid job. Over the last few months I have been working on my quilting business, doing lots of sewing and quilting, developing this website, doing more sewing, running after children – or mainly just one child at the moment-, more cooking and playing with the puppy. It’s all good!
I have a pot of peppermint tea each morning, courtesy of my daughter who gave me the cute little teapot and the tea for Mother’s day. My eldest son gave me the flower pot, so I was very lucky!

Today the gardner, a.k.a. the husband of the house or runway maintainer due to his fondness for solar garden lights, brought in some beautiful roses from the garden beds he made for me when we moved into this new house of ours a short four years ago.

The roses keep blooming, even though it’s close to their pruning time, they currently have black spot and attracting aphids – but still lots of new growth!

After the daily jobs get done in record time (always done in record time, better things to be doing…) I wander to the quilting room and contemplate which project to work on. I have a variety of pieces on the go because I like to change from machine piecing to applique to quilting as I feel like it. No UFOs here, just all WIP.

This is just one corner; perhaps I need to tidy it a little to show a little more in the photo! Next time.
Today I also have my daughter home for a fleeting visit from uni. She gravitates to the reading corner of my quilting room.

I think that is the favourite place in the whole house for reading. I love to sit there when reading a quilting magazine or book, and the chair itself has special meaning. It’s old and worn with broken springs but comfy; the one I used in the middle of the night feeding and soothing my babies some years ago now.

During the course of the morning I look out the window and there is our puppy Hayley. She has pinched the rug I inadvertently left outside the back door when sweeping earlier, and brought it around to play with it before now sleeping in the sun, worn out for awhile. I smile to myself; caught with the rug she shouldn’t have, but never-the-less I sneak quietly outside with the camera to take a photo.

When her ‘master’ – my youngest son- gets home from school she is there at the fence waiting for him; barely able to contain herself when she hears the bus pull up, ears alert, tail wagging.
The days here in a Gatton winter are beautiful, warm and sunny without a hint of the cold that comes in with the night. When I read of people praising the weather they have in other sunny parts of the world, I think beautiful Queensland tops them all.
Across the road from us is the large dam of a nearby farmer. From our house it looks like a lake and gives us enviable ‘water views’. The sun from the late afternoon is warm, and makes me feel all is good in my world.

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