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I made this quilt for my son a year or two ago, and on taking another look at it recently I realised it would fit into the category of a ‘Modern’ quilt. Recent trends towards this Modern Quilt movement have been all about quilts that are fairly simple in construction but often of a graphic nature, with lots of colour contrast and negative spaces. I love the simplicity of them and am very tempted to create some quilts along those lines. There is a Modern Quilt Guild which started in America, but which has lots of associated guilds all over that country as well as some here in Australia, but not South East Queensland, hmmm….
Their blog site has lots of interesting reading and ‘quilt candy’.

This quilt of mine was made as part of a challenge with my quilting group where we had to choose only five different fabrics and could only use the shapes of a square, half-square triangle and a quarter square triangle in making up the blocks. The blocks could be pieced and arranged in any design of our own choosing.

The overall picture I had in my mind was that I liked splashes of colour amongst a sea of neutral, which in this case I used a marbled white and gray fabric. All of the top was constructed with the various triangles and squares, even the larger sections of grey.
I then quilted it on the longarm machine with an all-over loopy and stars design. In the squares that were directly under the coloured blocks- which looked a little like rockets- I quilted a design that resembled flames coming from the rockets. I used a variegated thread that changed from beige through to blue.

On taking another look at this quilt my thoughts have wandered from the idea that this is a ‘modern’ quilt to thinking about what type of quilter do I classify myself as? I like so many styles, and drool over lots of quilts in the many quilt magazines I read, and sometimes think I need to work out what is my style- but by saying that, it begs the question why do I have to have one style? I love what can be called contemporary quilts, using bright colours, big prints, stripes and spots and mixing them all together, Kaffe Fassett style. I also like traditional quilts that have been re-interpreted with a contemporay or modern twist, a la Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.
I love modern quilts using solids, with small splashes of colour in a sea of white, quilts with lots of embellishment, art quilts using different techniques, or quilts whose beauty rely on their piecing, like pojagi piecing seen here
So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just going to continue on making the quilts I like, and forget about what type of quilt they are, and if they differ from each other in their style, so be it!

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  1. Such an interesting post! I’m visiting from BYW2. I really enjoyed reading it. I’m part of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild here in the States and yet I’m still very interested in vintage quilts. I was pretty hesitant to call myself a modern quilter for a long time but that’s what I identify myself with the most. I think your conclusion was spot on! Keep making what you love no matter what it’s called.

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