A slice of art

The art quilting group of Gatton Quilters has been working on a project this year where we each get one piece of a larger picture which we then interpret in cloth. When all pieces are finished they will then be joined up to make the full picture. I blogged about a previous month’s picture here.
We have two groups of six working on the pictures; when all the pieces are finished, they will be joined to make back up the larger fabric picture.
Below is the picture of a rusty shed that my group worked on ….

and my (on the left) and Lyn’s (on right) interpretations of our segments, with the printed paper copy of our picture below that.

This is the other group’s picture…..

and two of the segments from Meryl and Patricia.

Although the pieces are only small, about 2.5″ by 10″, we’re finding they take some thought and experimenting and playing with fabric, threads and pencils to get the effect that we want. As everyone does their own piece without collaboration, then of course each piece is going to look different to the one next to it as each person reproduces their interpretation of snow or trees or rusty sheds! but when all placed next to each other to make up the final picture the overall effect is realised, and the resulting picture has lots of texture and interest and a variety of effects to keep the eyes moving around.

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  1. OMG I looooove it Karen! it’s amazing! thanks for sharing, never seen that before :-) can’t wait to see the end result.

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