A landscape

Another one of the quilts I put in our local exhibition ( see here) was a landscape that I had been working on for a few years. It was made to reflect the view that we had from our new house, which is about 4 years old so I guess not so new anymore! This is the finished textile art piece:

It had taken me a few years to do because I struggled with it a for awhile. I initially started it as an exercise in working with a neutral palette, wanting to experiment with a limited range of colours but that eventually changed as the picture developed.

I used lots of fabric scraps, fabric that was given to me, some scraps even from the floor of Indian tailors (Thanks J!). I used dyed cheesecloth, old linen, did lots of free-hand stitching, hand stitching, raw-edge applique, couching, felting and embellishment.
glimpse out the window
I have lots of affection for it, given that so much thought, not to mention squinting and head-turning (why is it we put our heads on the side when contemplating?) went in to it.

To finish it off I then decided to give it a border and attach to a canvas.
As it now has a red ‘Sold’ sticker on it, it also makes me happy!

6 thoughts on “A landscape

  1. Congratulations on selling this beautiful quilt!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to find another quilter in BYW2. Happy quilting and happy blogging!

  2. Congratulations on your completed landscape. It certainly changed character as your skills developed. Great to see it in the art gallery.

  3. Wow, what an amazing piece of art! I can’t believe you hand stitched all of it, I could never do anything like that! :)
    xoxo Lauren

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