Our display of quilts

My local quilt groups’s exhibition opened on the weekend, with over 90 pieces hanging in the Lockyer Valley Art Gallery. The exhibition was opened by Robyn Ginn, a well-known quilter from Toowoomba, who has won quite a few awards for her quilts. The opening night went well, with all of us members happy to see the display of our handiwork at long last after a year or more of planning!
There were a few different groupings of work within the exhibtion. One in particular contained the small art quilts we made as a result of a workshop held here in Gatton with the nationally-renowned quilter Lisa Walton from Dyed and Gone to Heaven
GQ 2012
GQ 2012
All of these works were created from a piece of white fabric which was dyed, painted, stamped, stencilled, written on, cut up and sewn back together, stitched on, , embellished,cut up and sewn back together again, beaded, quilted – you name it! It was a great exercise for those to whom these were all new techniques.
This one is my finished hanging, of which I’ve shown progress photos in the past here and here

Karen's textile treasure
I called this Fractured Cityscape, as I made it to resemble a city block. I had carved a stamp which had images of buildings, and used to stamp over various patches which was then embellished with gold foil in places. Various found objects I picked up on a walk, or found rummaging around my sewing room were sewn on as well as beads, and all topped off with free-hand stitching. None of the fabric was cut with a ruler, to add to the organic look.
Some more ‘textile treasures’ :
Amanda's textile treasure
Gatton Quilters Exhibition 2012
Hard to believe the variety within these pieces that all originated from the same workshop, using the same pool of supplies to start off with. Marvelous to see we all do have good imaginations!

Other works in the exhibition included small hangings, hand-embroidered pieces, textile art and small quilts. I had a few other works hanging up, which I will show here in future blog posts.