My Sydney weekend

I have just spent the weekend visiting my son in Sydney. We had a great time and I loved every minute of it, even though it seemed I was back home very quickly! We went up to the top of the Sydney Tower, which is where I took these photos from.

City scapes have always appealed to me, and I have done a few small quilts based on city outlines. The quilt that I mention here, done within a Lisa Walton workshop, is based on a city block. I will show it in its finished state very soon. I also like ‘house’ quilts and plan to do more of those sometime. Isn’t the night city beautiful?

While there, I also got to go to the fantastic Material Obsession shop, which I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Lots of beautiful fabrics and quilts and books and bags to look at; a real feast for the eyes. While there I bought a selection of coloured felt as I would like to try some ‘Sue Spargo’-type quilting….

little shapes cut out of the felt and then heavily stitched and embellished. I’m thinking of attending one of her workshops when she is in Australia later this year. If I do, at least I’ll have a start on some class requirements.

One thought on “My Sydney weekend

  1. Hi Karen, I have a hard time walking past fabric and not picking some up. Nice colors.

    I’m stopping by from BYW2 to say hello, visit and browse. I’m looking forward to seeing you around class,


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