Joining in the Bloggers Quilt Festival

I thought I might join in the Bloggers Quilt Festival, which you can find over here
The quilt I’m sharing is one that I especially like – and I think that must be because it is one that I designed (sort of) myself. It was done as part of a challenge with my local quilt group, whereby each month we had a basic technique that we had to incorporate into our quilt. We had a choice of building up the quilt row by row, or starting with a medallion of our own choice, as I did.

All the participants wrote down a technique on a piece of paper which was then placed in a paper bag, and each month one piece was brought out. My preference has always been for pieced quilts, so I concentrated on that, but there were no ‘rules’ or ‘shoulds’ on how to incorporate each month’s instructions.
I started with a centre block that was a New York Beauty block, a la Valori Wells, and used batiks and hand-dyed fabrics throughout in bright and saturated colours.

The first round was Flowers, which I did with foundation-piecing. Next was 9-patch and on mine the diamond-shaped 9-patch blocks can be seen in the corner of the flower row. After that the themes were Drunkards Path, Traditional with a twist- which I did the log cabins with the variation in the corner blocks, then 3-dimensional, for which I did a round of triangle pieces that had alternate gathered pieces and embellished with beads. The stars in the corners were another theme.

I finished it off with lots of free motion quilting.
It was really enjoyable to do, although really challenging. Working out the sizes and dimensions of everything to keep it in proportion took some time, and then looking at it as a whole with regards to the colour scheme also took lots of eye-squinting and ‘humming and ha-ing’! But in the end, a sense of accomplishment.

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  1. Beautiful. Beautiful batiks. What a challenge. Paper piecing and figuring out the calculations.

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