Beautiful day

We are having some beautiful weather here in Gatton, south-east Queensland. While the nights are quite cold, which makes it only cosier cuddled up in our quilts!, the days are so nice and warm in the sun. My photo below is from Sunday morning, Mother’s Day.

My lovely older son sent me these flowers- cyclamens in a round pot. I can plant them straight into the pot and they are a constant reminder of Phillip whenever they catch my eye. As with the teapot. That was given to me by my daughter along with peppermint tea leaves, which I love to drink every morning. So every time I make a pot I will think of Kelsey! The tea tastes so much better than tea made with teabags.
And on Sunday morning my youngest son, Sam, made me pancakes for breakfast, served up with the morning paper, for a leisurely lie in bed! I’m so lucky, and I love being a Mum.