Birthday bag

One of the many things I love about quilting, is that my sister has also joined the ranks of enthusiastic quilters. She has been quilting for maybe a year or two and has already produced a couple of quilts and other smaller items. We sometimes have a sewing afternoon, so we can sit and stitch together. It was her birthday recently (one of those big ones) and I made her a bag as one of her gifts. It is one of those fabric cord bags- there are a few different versions around. I used a pattern by Sally Miller

and this is one I made for me:

I’m not sure I will make any more of them! They take awhile to make- joining all the strips together first – I used a jelly roll for my sister’s bag and a Bali Pops (basically a jelly roll in batiks) for mine. The strips then have to be pressed and sewed with the cord to make what is essentially a thick piping. Then the piping is coiled and wrapped around and around while sewing in place with a zig-zag stitch. The bag gets its shape according to how much pressure you put on the cord as you stitch it together- if you pull on it a little tightly that makes the bag form a narrower shape as it grows; let it be a little little looser and the sides of the bag go out wider.
As you can see both bags turned out completely different shapes, not that I knew what I was aiming for! I also used a smaller cord for my bag, which I hadn’t thought about until I was nearly finished my sister’s bag and it seemed to be growing a lot bigger than mine!!

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  1. I just love my birthday bag! I’ve had so many comments on it, including an envious one from the lady at the sewing machine shop – she said she just had to make one for herself! You ae such a clever and creative sewer, I hope I can be just like you when I grow up!!

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