Art quilting pictures

The art quilting sub-group of my local quilting group, Gatton Quilters, has been working on a new challenge this year. Last year we each did a textile postcard, interpreting a theme each month. The final set of postcards that we produced will form part of our display to be held in June at the Lockyer Valley Regional Art Gallery. It was fascinating to see all completely unique versions of themes such as leaves, winter, fashion, found and circles.
This year, our challenge has been to take a photo and re-interpret that in whatever way we wish- using textiles, found objects, threads, beads, whatever. The photo was cut up into equal size pieces and each person was given one 2.5″ wide slice to re-produce as closely as possible. Each photo was divided into 6 pieces and as there were 12 people taking part, we had two groups doing the same photo. The only ‘rules’ that we had were that where a line – such as the horizon or tree-line entered from the side it had to match the original, so that all the pieces would match up when placed back together. Each piece had to have a quarter-inch seam allowance, and all pieces will be joined to make one large picture which can then be backed, quilted and bound.
I was given the end piece. This is my result!

This next photo shows the photo I had to woke with next to my version. I wasn’t sure where to start when I first saw the photo- there seemd to be a lot going on!

I’ve found if I let things go for awhile, it will swirl around in my head being subconsciously thought about ( and hopefully not getting lost) and then I can come back to it in a few days with some possible avenues to start with. I remembered I had some batik fabric that looked just like the sandy background so I pieced that so the textured lines in the fabric were resembling the lines in the sand. I used needle-felting for some of the foliage, silk sari scraps, threads, confetti-pieces for the leaves in the trees, water-colour pencils for some of the green areas in the sand, and lots of free-hand machine stitching.
Below is a photo of the two sets of pictures that the group produced. (Not all of the pieces are completely finished.)