Sunday sewing

Yay!! It’s Sunday which means I have all afternoon to spend sewing and quilting! Which I know, technically, I can do that any other day as well, now I don’t have a day job, but I just love that feeling when I have a whole afternoon to do what I want. It must be a left-over from when I did go out to work- I always put away Sunday afternoon to sew. Love it, love it, love it :)
Now what will I do today? I have a number of projects on the go at the moment, and what I do have to give priority to are some pieces that I am submitting into a small exhibition that my local quilt group, the Gatton Quilters, is mounting- we are putting on a display of small quilts that we are calling Textile Treasures at the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre. The quilts will be on display for the month of June.
This piece, that I showed in a previous post, is in progress. Below is a photo of what it looked like before I started free-motion quilting.

And this is with the stitching. The quilting is not quite finished, as evidenced by the basting pins still in it!! so perhaps I should finish that so I can get on to adding further embellishment, like buttons and beads and whatever.

Free- form stitching

In a recent post here I showed pictures of a stitchery I had started. It was an organic design, made up as I went. I did it as part of an online stitching class with Susan Sorrell
Below is a photo of the finished stitchery. The idea was to use whatever colour threads took your fancy and no pre-planning- just use a few stitches with lots of variation on those stitches. I love the colours and the final design- it doesn’t represent anything in particular- actually it looks a little like a treasure island map?!

One of my favourites

I have long been a fan of Kaffe Fassett quilts and fabrics, and this quilt in particular I fell in love with.
It is called Handkerchief Corners and was on the cover of his book ‘Passionate Patchwork’ from 2001. I decided that it was no good just saying ‘one day’ – I had to go ahead and do something about it. Compiling the striped fabrics together took a little bit of hunting, and as there weren’t many sources of those particular fabrics in Australia (apparently the Kaffe stripes were from his earlier ranges; I think they are timeless!!) I had to go online and purchase them from overseas – my first foray.
Anyway, it was all good. It took a couple of years to make, in between other projects and work etc but I finally finished it late 2011 and quilted it on my long-arm. Deciding on a quilting design also took awhile. I wanted to maintain the look of the stripes and lines and not muddle them with circular stitching so decided on simple L-shaped lines within each block. It’s my favourite quilt (so far!)

Drawing flowers

My personal favourite type of machine-quilting is free motion, where I stitch across the top of a quilt in a non-stop ‘line’ drawing. I like stitching flowers and leaves, which can be seen in the photos below, and on the page “Quilts I’ve quilted”. This is from a quilt I recently quilted on the long-arm machine for Trudy. The quilt top was pieced from beautiful prints in vintage colours and because it was a simple design of varying squares and rectangles, there were nice big spaces to quilt big blooms and leaves and scrolls.I also used a variegated thread which adds to the design. We were both happy with the end result.
(Photos by Masterpieces Photography)

Our new puppy

We recently had a new little member come in to our family. Hayley is our new puppy and the responsibility of my youngest son !! She will be a companion not only for him but also our other dog, Chloe. We recently had our other two elderly dogs pass away within a short timeframe of each other which was sad for our whole family. Hayley is such a loveable, irrisistible puppy that you can’t help but fall in love with her. We’re hoping she does grow quickly though – so she can’t fit through the fence and escape, which she just worked out how to do yesterday!!

Textured wall hanging

This is the small piece that I made in the Textured Treasures workshop- at the stage that it was when I took it home.
I got to thinking though that it wasn’t ready to start further embellishment or quilting etc. So I started cutting here and there and added in a few strips of green, purple and orange-red hand-dyed fabrics, to give it a little vibrancy and break it up a bit. So now, it looks like this. Much better! Now for the next step!