Little Birdie flying?

It’s a little scary starting this blog- but if everyone else can do it, then surely so can I?!
I’m going to be talking about my quilting exploits- both personal and business. My own quilting tastes run to art and contemporary quilts, so I love to do free-motion quilting. With the Little Birdie Quilting Studio I quilt with a hand-guided Gammill long-arm machine so I can get that individual look on a quilt. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with designs, but of course I also do whatever style of quilting that I’m requested. It’s all good :)
The little birdie that is in my header and appears on my business cards is one that I created myself. I hand-sewed little scraps of fabric and lace and trims onto a basic bird shape and did the same with some wing shapes. I cut them all out with a seam allowance, sewed the shapes together leaving an opening to stuff with some filling then hand-sewed it closed. Just a few stitches attached the wings to the body and a bead for the eyes. She’s my little birdie.