Textile Treasures workshop

I belong to the Gatton Quilters group and we recently had a fantastic weekend workshop with Lisa Walton (from Dyed and Gone to Heaven).We spent the first day painting, stamping, stencilling, dyeing fabric, as well as using glue resists, foiling and lots of techniques to create a variety of fabric pieces. The next day was used to cut that fabric up and experiment re-assembling it into our desired fabric art piece. Lisa also showed other embellishing techniques such as beading and stitching. The photo shows the group with what we achieved at the end of the weekend. It’s now up to us to go home and finish it off in whatever way our hearts desire!

Stitching experiments

I’ve recently been taking an online course where we experiment on trying different embroidery stitches, with a view to using them as embellishments on my quilted works. While I haven’t kept up with the weekly lessons (!) I’m plodding away. I started with a piece of my own hand-dyed fabric and then using different threads- colours and weights- just did some free-form stitches all over in an organic design.
I love bright colours and lots of them. The photos show the progress so far.

Little Birdie flying?

It’s a little scary starting this blog- but if everyone else can do it, then surely so can I?!
I’m going to be talking about my quilting exploits- both personal and business. My own quilting tastes run to art and contemporary quilts, so I love to do free-motion quilting. With the Little Birdie Quilting Studio I quilt with a hand-guided Gammill long-arm machine so I can get that individual look on a quilt. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with designs, but of course I also do whatever style of quilting that I’m requested. It’s all good :)
The little birdie that is in my header and appears on my business cards is one that I created myself. I hand-sewed little scraps of fabric and lace and trims onto a basic bird shape and did the same with some wing shapes. I cut them all out with a seam allowance, sewed the shapes together leaving an opening to stuff with some filling then hand-sewed it closed. Just a few stitches attached the wings to the body and a bead for the eyes. She’s my little birdie.